This list has been compiled through emails, comments and search terms used to access the sited related to canine nasal tumors.

How much is tomotherapy for a dog?

For Nunya, we paid $8,000 for 20 tomotherapy treatments.  When a second round was mentioned, the cost was $3-4,000 for 10 sessions.  Unfortunately, this cost does not include everything needed at the time of treatment or after treatment.  For more information please see the list of treatment costs.

What are the stages of nasal cancer in dogs?

Our understanding is that it is different for every dog.  Your veterinarian oncologist would have the best answer for your situation.  Here is Nunya’s nasal carcinoma timeline for reference.

My dog has a tumor in nasal area – Can she live without breathing through her nostrils?

We have heard many stories where dogs have lived by mouth breathing for long periods of time.  Nunya never fully made the switch.

My dog finished radiation therapy now what?

For every dog the treatment path is different.  Nunya had a follow up CT scan and was put on chemotherapy drugs to prevent the regrowth.  The initial chemotherapy drug had little to no side effects on her.

How did you find out about Nunya’s nasal tumor?

We found out she had cancer after a unilateral nosebleed that lead to a CT scan and biopsies.  Her appetite, weight and demeanor were normal.

Not a question but an interesting search: “my dog has really bad breath after nasal radiation”

Alison and I both noticed a different (mucusy) smell before both diagnoses that persisted until a few days after treatment and eventually until complete blockage.

We have been asked by several people if we will get another dog soon.  Will we?

It is inevitable, but no time in the near future.  We are looking forward to spending time helping dogs at our local shelter and eventually trying to foster older dogs.  Our time at the shelter has also pushed us in the direction of dedicating some time and resources to the promotion of spaying and neutering pets which will keep us involved and interacting with other pets.

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