Cancer Treatment Drugs

Below is a list of all drugs that were tried on Nunya during her nasal cancer treatment.

Cefpodoxime ProxetilAntibiotic
OndansetronFor nausea
MaropitantFor nausea
MetronidazoleFor diarrhea or soft stool
Yunnan Baivao 0.25 gramStops bleeding$14.25
Tramadol 50mgPain management$45.00
Denamarin/Denosyl 225 mgLiver function improvement$45.30 for 30 day supply
Ursodiol 250mgLiver function improvement$35.55 for 30 day supply
Cyclophosphamide 4.7MGChemotherapy$45 for 45 capsules
Furosemide 40mgDiuretic used with Cyclophosphamide$1.65 for 30 day supply
Meloxicam 1.5mg/mL Oral SuspensionPain management$24.30
Amoxicillin 250mgAntibiotic$40.88
CereniaFor nausea

Nunya's Cancer Medication

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