Below is a list of various costs we encountered throughout Nunya’s treatments.  This list is a work in progress, and will be updated continuously.  Costs may vary from place to place and for each animal, so only view these as a general guideline as to what different treatments and medications might cost.

Chemotherapy – Doxorubicin injection – $320
(Includes Veterinary care, Medication, and Medication Administration)

CBC Blood Test (done bi-weekly during chemotherapy treatment) – $36 – $53
(Depending on location where conducted)

CT Scan / Nasal Tomography – $760

CT Scan / Nasal Tomography with Endoscopy (for biopsy) – $2064

Radiation/Tomotherapy – $8000
(Series of 20 consecutive treatments, including all hospital care, medications, and administration)

Follow-up Radiation/Tomotherapy – $3000, estimated
(We did not pursue this treatment)

Digital Radiographs – Thoracic Study – $196

Ultrasound for Abdomen check – $450

Routine vet examinations –  Averaged $40/visit

After-hours Urgent Care ER for nose bleeding –  $388


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